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Kitchener Neighborhood -Alpine Village Area

I am visiting the neighborhood area of Kitchener and now we will discuss about Alpine Village. Hence be ready to know about some unexpected information about this area....Read more

Centreville Chicopee
Centreville Chicopee Area in Kitchener

Now we would like to invite you to our analysis of other property in the Kitchener-Waterloo neighborhood. It is known as Centreville Chicopee in Kitchener. Let us discuss the area of Chicopee slopes....Read more

Centreville Chicopee Area
Country Hills Area in Kitchener

The Country Hills Area in Kitchener is bound by approximate limits Block Line Road in the north; Courtland Avenue and Manitou Drive in the east, Bleams Road in the south, and Fischer-Hallman and Westmount Roads in the west....Read more