Kitchener Neighborhood - Alpine Village Area


Kitchener Neighborhood - Alpine Village Area

I am visiting the neighborhood area of Kitchener and now we will discuss about Alpine Village. Hence be ready to know about some unexpected information about this area.

Area of Alpine Village is small but it is full of wonderful mixture of numerous offerings and advantages, which we are going to explain in succeeding paragraphs. Alpine Village is bound by Ottawa Street in the north, Homer-Watson Boulevard in the east, Block Line Road in the south, and Strasburg Road in the west. This Village is well known to be affordable, centrally located neighborhood with a touch of suburban feeling and is full of mature trees and post-war style homes. Alpine Community Neighborhood Association, an active group that encourages engagement within the neighborhood represents and serves this community. For more details, please contact me - Real Estate Agent Kitchener, we would be glad to help you in all possible manners.


The village has within its boundaries two green areas. The Alpine Village has right in its center a big park named after its own name, ie., Alpine Park, bounded by two elementary schools on both of its sides. This Park has pristine fields of green, two basketball diamonds, soccer goalposts, play-ground equipment, a densely forested area and paved and lengthy trails leading to different parts of neighborhood. A trail, part of which begins in Alpine Village, leads to the Laurentian Trail. Which further leads into the huge rehabilitated land of McLennan Park. Once a landfill is now one of the most active park in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Here, you will find a number of paths many of which provide romantic views of surrounding neighborhoods and landscapes. People say that moment the sun falls on the Tim Hortons located nearby in the early morning, you are sure to feel a soft aroma of a double-double. There is McLennan Dog Park, where dogs run free and a has bike and BMX circuits, a skate park, a wide variety of outdoor sports facilities extensive play-ground equipment along with tennis, basketball, and beach volleyball courts etc.

McLennan has been recently added to Kitchener-Waterloo’s extensive network of trails and parks but it has already won the heart of the community. Kitchener City regularly invests in its upkeep and always plans to upgrade splash pad. The residents of Alpine Village have all these facilities and much more at their doorstep. On its east, Alpine Village has Activa Sportsplex, a huge multi-purpose athletics facility where residents are able to skate, play hockey and basketball, box and also enjoy watching the Kitchener Rangers play hockey and the basketball played by Kitchener Panthers and many more games. Sportsplex on its south, has the Country Hills Community Library which is a branch of the Kitchener Public Library network. Extensive catalogue of books , movies, musical instruments, games and many more is available for the residents of the Village. They can easily and frequently visit these facilities being located in the close vicinity and also enjoy the community and social events organized here. In a nutshell, there is wide variety of options for Alpine Village residents in the form of social opportunities,, sport facilities and environmental areas. The small size of the neighborhood notwithstanding, it has plenty of fun to enjoy.

Now talking of shopping; Alpine Village has a wide variety of restaurants like Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, Cora including shops and banks beside the periphery of the neighborhood. The village has Forest Glen Plaza in it southwest side which has many things to offer like No Frill’s for groceries, a Shopping Drug Mart, a Doctor’s office etc etc. However, the piece de resistance is located on the north side of the Ottawa Street, ie Smart Centers network has its part the Laurentian Mall. The number of restaurants and shops have everything you may imagine or require, eg, Zehrs for groceries, Staples for office supplies and other connected items and huge Home & Garden RONA for all the needs of home and garden. All these facilities are within the distance of few minutes from all the homes of the Village more so having plenty of parking.

Transport and Commutation

Alpine Village has a quick access to Conestoga Parkway better than all other neighborhoods in Kitchener-Waterloo. The ramps on Ottawa Street, although in round-about shape, leading to the highway may appear circuitous to the new comers in the Kitchener-Waterloo is actually quite safer than red lights. Alpine Village residents have access to Highway 7 via Conestoga Parkway which leads northwest to Guelph; Highway 8, which leads to far west to Stratford and further and southeast to Cambridge and finally to Hamilton; Highway 85, travelling north through Waterloo and past St. Jacob (having it renowned market; and 401 accessed by Highway 8, which connects Kitchener-Waterloo as far as western Windsor and to the east past Kingston and Cornwall touching many major cities on the way including London and Toronto. Alpine Village residents are able to easily travel to wherever they want being 401 and smaller highways. Even if you don’t have the car or if you have, you don’t want to use it, you have dozens of buses if you like to use them. There are numerous bus routes available including No 11 running along the Kingswood Drive, Alpine Village’s most regal street. It is wonderful that there is one of the Grand River Transit’s satellite terminal at the inter section of Strasburg and Block of the Alpine Village, ie., Florest Glen Plaza terminal which serves as a hub for ten bus routes leading to different directions including the rapid iXpress No 2. It is evident that travelling by bus is simple and one can easily go to Fairview Park Mall, Conestoga Mall and downtown Kitchener etc.


Although Alpine Village is small but it has two elementary schools, ie, Alpine Public School and Our Lady of Grace Catholic Elementary School. And a nearby high school quite nearby. Students in the WRDSB will attend Alpine Public School, which has approx. 300 students from kindergarten to Grade 6. Students go to Laurentian Senior Public School or T. Townshend Public School which is hardly 10 minutes drive, for Grades 7 and 8.They will attend Cameron Heights Clollegiate Institute for secondary classes. .Students in the WCDSB (Catholic Board) attend Our Lady of Grace Catholic Elementary School and for high school, they go to St Mary’s Catholic Secondary School.

All in all, it is considered that Alpine Village is a great neighborhood because of all the facilities available, which include huge green areas, every conceivable sport and social event and options of shopping and dining all within easy approach and distance. Alpine Village has a great community which is brought together by vibrant Alpine Community Neighborhood Association. This Association assures that everyone has all opportunities to avail and great sights to see.

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