Country Hills Area in Kitchener

Country Hills Area

Country Hills Area in Kitchener

The Country Hills Area in Kitchener is bound by approximate limits Block Line Road in the north; Courtland Avenue and Manitou Drive in the east, Bleams Road in the south, and Fischer-Hallman and Westmount Roads in the west. Country Hills Area in Kitchener is further subdivided into Country Hills East (east of Homer Watson)m Country Hill West (west of Strasburg Road), and Country Hills (in the middle). The Western portion is the largest, land the bulk of Country Hills East’s residential areas are along Fallowfield Drive, the rest of however mainly undeveloped, forestland and shopping area. There is overlap between these three segments community-wise and hence for the purpose of this write-up, we will call them as ‘Country Hills’ collectively. Hence all the above preface apart, now we will discuss minutely the features of one of Kitchener-Waterloo’s most family-friendly neighborhoods.


With it inherent characteristics, Country Hills has well acquired a name as a perfect place for families. As has been stated earlier, home are typically built on large properties with spacious backyards which is well suited for kids of all ages. There is plenty of outdoor spaces beyond the homes to enable the families to enjoy throughout Country Hills Famous parks include Lions Park, connected to the lovely trail to Erinbrook Park, Country Hills Park, Countryside Park. The Lions Park includes Lions Arena and has access to Country Hills Community Centre.

There are beautiful sights in the undeveloped land of Country Hills. Balzer Creek and Schneider Creek meet here and there are beautiful trails along which residents enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Kitchener-Waterloo’s natural environment. Country Hills Library and Activa Sportsplex are the greatest two assets of the Country Hills which are found between Block Line and Homer Watson. Country Hills Library is part of Kitchener.

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